About Me

Nathan B is a 28-year old budding renaissance man living in the state of Massachusetts. Introduced to the internet at the age of about 13, Nathan took to chatrooms, message boards, and web-searching quickly. Soon, he was introduced to making designs for personal sites for himself, friends, and professionally.

Though Nathan is experienced with PHP, Javascript, and a variety of other languages, he also has experience designing and illustrating. Spurred on by the popularity of webcomics and talented friends, he took his doodles seriously; resulting in pieces that took hours, or even days to complete. Tons of art projects; some huge, some small, and some incomplete.

Nathan has also wanted to create games, after having been inspired by some indie gamemakers like Pixel or Dean Dodrill. While the childhood of almost any post-80s child is rife with videogame nostalgia, many were intrigued to make their own. While all Nathan's completed has been a minor IRC game to pass the time, the ambition remains strong. This has affected his designs, which he pushes to be usable, readable at any moment, and pleasing to the eye.

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Web Creations

Even though I've worked on a variety of websites for years and years, there're a few that have a bit of activity, hope, were made recently. Sure, you can see my Web Archives/History if you like, but you might want fresher things. Those are here.

I've been getting into a lot of different technologies. While most of my original work was with HTML, CSS, and illustrations, I moved more into PHP, MySQL, and Javascript. Lately, I'm doubling down on Javascript through jQuery, Node.JS, and a variety of jQuery plugins.

Web Archives

Nathan's completed a wide variety of work and published it to the net. At this point, so much is oudated, irrelevant, and lost to the winds of time. This is the 'End of Time', where all old threads of Nathan's work come together.

Artwork / Illustrations

Starting in 2000, Nathan started taking his artwork seriously through Oekaki boards, through a webcomic project, and through motivation with friends.

After that, college Flash and 3D Modeling classes gave the opportunity to experiment with animation, too. After building some models in 3D, the classes gave the opportunity to animate them as well; Now, I can build 3D models or 2D figures, animate them, or even code a more complex Flash Animation.

For examples, take a peek at my most recently listed art sites...


While not a professional writer, I've spoken to hundreds of people across IM, spoken in a variety of chatrooms, written hundreds of emails professionally, written tens of professional documents, and been through the same regimen of scholarly work most US collegiate students go through.

In spite of my writing as a professional, I've written a few short stories, first chapters, or even motivational posts. I've kept a LiveJournal (infrequently) as well as a personal Wordpress blog.

Though I am no means a person paid to write, I consider myself someone able to communicate through written word. I hope you feel the same way when reviewing my previous work, below.